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Weigh Right Trial information for the commercial heavy vehicle industry

The Weigh Right Trial is testing heavy vehicle weight compliance technologies. Results of the trial will inform the NZ Transport Agency’s planned Weigh Right Programme, which has the goal of extending and improving our weight enforcement sites on New Zealand’s road network.

The Weigh Right Programme

One of the NZ Transport Agency’s roles is to manage the state highway network to provide for safe, reliable and informed journeys. To assist in maintaining our roads, heavy vehicles pay road user charges (RUC). RUC is collected by the Transport Agency and reflects a vehicle’s ‘fair share’ of its impact on the roads.

Illegal overloading is an issue on New Zealand roads. The ability to identify non-compliant heavy vehicles is currently lower than we would like it be, to encourage willing compliance and support a level playing field for New Zealand’s transport industry.

This is why we have committed to a programme of work that will improve how we enforce for weight — the Weigh Right Programme. The goal of this programme is to increase the incentive for heavy vehicle commercial operators to comply with load limits, and to increase the effectiveness of our network and operation of weight enforcement sites.

To inform the best way forward with the Weigh Right Programme, we ran the Weigh Right Trial from April 2016 – May 2017.

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