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Update on permits for buses

On April 15, 2016 Associate Minister of Transport, Craig Foss, amended the VDAM Rule to provide bus and coach operators with access to heavier axle mass limits or weight, through permits. 

The amendment extends the October 2015 amendment, which allowed increased axle mass for high-capacity urban buses.  Now all buses or passenger service vehicles, irrespective of capacity or type will be able to apply for a permit.

Associate Transport Minister Craig Foss Press Release (external link)

Permits for buses

Changes to the Vehicle Dimension and Mass Rule (2002) enable modern, safer buses, able to carry more passengers between regions. These changes, which came into effect on 15 April 2016, increase the allowable axle loads on buses to be similar to levels for HPMV trucks. 

Read the FAQs [PDF, 31 KB].

Assessment of Bus loadings

The NZ Transport Agency pavements staff carried out an analysis of the relative pavement loadings for these buses compared to loadings on standard buses.

Read the report [PDF, 420 KB]

Analysis of pavements - This report reviews the effects of the Rule change on state highway and local road pavements.

Read the report [PDF, 247 KB]