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The 2018–21 National Land Transport Programme represents our commitment to all New Zealanders to provide them with a safe, reliable and efficient transport system. It sets out how we’ll use national land transport funding.

What is the National Land Transport Programme?

The National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) details how we’ll work with the transport sector to provide a transport system that enables New Zealand to thrive. It shows how national land transport funding will be invested and how this fits with the rest of the sector.

The NLTP includes the initiatives and activities we’ll carry out or fund in each area of the transport system – both regionally and nationally.

We’ve been working closely with regional authorities and experts in the transport sector to develop a shared view of the transport system. We continue to work in partnership to make sure New Zealanders have access to a transport system that meets their needs both now and for the future.

The NLTP is also how we give effect to the Government Policy Statement on Land Transport.

View the timeline for the 2018–21 NLTP.

Improvements we’re making

To help make sure we have the best transport system we possibly can, we’ve listened to your feedback and made some improvements to the NLTP.

Here’s what you told us:

  • The processes and requirements of the NLTP were unclear
  • There hasn’t been a wider strategic view or vision for the future of the transport sector shared
  • It’s difficult to find information about the investment process

What we’re doing to improve this:

  • We’re improving our tools and systems, making the processes and requirements easier to understand and sharing our thinking behind our investment decisions more clearly
  • We’ve created a long term strategic view with input from the entire transport sector
  • We’ve replaced the traditional ‘Investment Signals’ process with a series of regular NLTP Dialogue cycles – responding to feedback and questions from the sector and providing tools and resources to assist the Regional Land Transport Plans (RLTP)/NLTP development process
  • We’ve created a consistent approach for the sector to develop business cases and provided more training to support that
  • We’ve developed a programme of work to ensure we make these improvements to the NLTP processes. The rest of these pages include more information on each of those initiatives.

If you have any questions, or any feedback on other improvements we can make, talk to your regional contact at the Transport Agency or contact us.