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The tools below provide information to support road safety planning in your area. This ranges from the high-level overview, such as that provided by the road safety action planning tool, to detailed information around the circumstances of crashes, such as that provided by the road safety by suburb wizard.

  • Road deaths in New Zealand (updated daily (external link) ).
  • Road safety action planning tool (external link) based on information drawn from several of the tools listed below. Use this to help plan road safety interventions that are targeted to risk.
  • Road safety wizard (external link) based on comprehensive fatal and serious injury crash data for the past five years. Use this to understand the circumstances surrounding crashes such as weather conditions, road type, factors (eg alcohol) and location, down to the suburb level, in your territorial authority or region.
  • Crash analysis reports provide detailed crash information at the national, regional and territorial authority level, across the 13 Safer Journeys areas of concern.
    Use this to validate risks identified using the road safety action planning tool.
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