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Planning for the 2015–18 National Land Transport Programme

The Transport Agency is working closely with the sector to ensure the 2015–18 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) delivers the best outcomes it can to support a thriving New Zealand.

This will be the first NLTP developed since the 2013 amendments to the Land Transport Management Act, and adoption of different ways of working and new frameworks – including the Public Transport Operating Model, One Network Road Classification and business case approach.

To achieve a successful NLTP, we're aiming for all the contributing transport programmes and activities to be:

  • well aligned to the Government Policy Statement on Land Transport (GPS) – the NLTP must give effect to the GPS and deliver on the government's expectations. Regional land transport plans (RLTPs) must be consistent with the GPS

  • outcome-focused – delivers outcomes and benefits for the users of the transport network aligned to investment priorities

  • evidence based - underpinned by supporting information and evidence

  • integrated, optimised and tested to deliver value for money.

Programmes that form part of the NLTP will need to demonstrate that they have been developed and optimised as part of a whole-of transport system, one network approach. This includes applying the principles of the business case approach to demonstrate a clear strategic case for investment; and making sure that through testing and optimisation, programmes identify optimal activities, timing, price, and are aligned to the right level of service and standards to invest in.

We provide planning and investment signals and guidance information to organisations that develop programmes as part of the NLTP.

The signals are refined to reflect emerging issues, evidence, priorities and policies as information becomes available.

Update – December 2014

On 18 December 2014, the Minister of Transport announced the 2015/16 -2024/25 GPS. The Transport Agency can confirm that the Investment Assistance Framework (IAF) has also been finalised, with some minor changes incorporated, to reflect the final GPS.

Information about the final IAF has been provided to our investment partners in General circular 14/05 and content on the Planning and Investment Knowledge Base has been updated, including updated assessment criteria for public transport services and cycling. The previously released Planning and Investment signals remain consistent with the finalised GPS and IAF, and can be found in the table below.

Planning and investment signals

The first early signals pack was released in November 2013, followed by updated information in May 2014.

We released our third and final signals pack in September 2014. This outlines changes to the draft investment assessment framework; what happens during the NLTP development process and expectations about optimising programmes; provides clarity about developing maintenance programmes and implementing the One Network Road Classification and outlines how to use Transport Investment Online.

We have updated guidance on the Knowledge Base (external link) website.

Board decisions

Title of Board/Board committee paperDate

2015-18 National Land Transport Programme: timeframes, processes and key decisions [PDF, 119 KB] (Board 13/11/0762)

November 2013

2015-18 National Land Transport Programme: early planning and investment signals and programme focus [PDF, 155 KB] (Board 13/12/0775)

December 2013

2012-15 NLTP mid-term progress and 2015-18 development update [PDF, 96 KB] (Board 14/02/0800)

February 2014

Update on the development of the Investment Assessment Framework [PDF, 85 KB] (Investment and Operations (I&O) Committee 14/07/117)

July 2014

2015-18 NLTP development process changes [PDF, 86 KB] (Board 14/07/0822)

July 2014

Maori Engagement in the National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) [PDF, 96 KB] (Board 14/08/0841)

August 2014

2015-18 NLTP Engagement and communications plan [PDF, 167 KB] (Board 14/08/0845)

August 2014

Support for release of draft SHAMP to regional transport committees [PDF, 164 KB] (Board 14/08/0846)

August 2014

2015-18 NLTP development investment signals [PDF, 176 KB] (Board 14/08/0849)

August 2014

Key changes to the Investment Assessment Framework [PDF, 172 KB] (Board 14/08/0854)

August 2014

Finalising the Investment Assessment Framework [PDF, 135 KB] (Board 14/12/0890)

December 2014

Emerging cycling investment and delivery programme scenarios [PDF, 119 KB] (I&O 15/03/134)

March 2015

Update on Influencing Regional Land Transport Plans [PDF, 99 KB] (I&O 15/03/136)

March 2015

Inputs to 2015-18 NLTP development [PDF, 167 KB] (Board 15/03/0899)

March 2015

2015-18 NLTP – engagement and communications approach for public launch [PDF, 91 KB] (Board 15/04/0910)

April 2015

NLTP development decisions: endorsement of indicative investment levels for programmed activities [PDF, 1 MB] (Board 15/04/0913)

April 2015

Cycling - the Agency’s role, our work programme and shaping up the Cycling Investment Programme for the 2015-18 NLTP [PDF, 245 KB] (I&O 15/05/147)

May 2015

2015-18 NLTP development – improvement activities and other programmes [PDF, 621 KB] (Board 15/05/0922)

Note: Information in the following paragraphs has been withheld under s9(2)(j) of the OIA. This relates to the on-going discussion on Road Policing Programme.

  • Paragraph 3 – last bullet point only
  • Paragraphs 48 to 64
  • Paragraph 67
  • Attachment 6
  • Attachment 7

May 2015

2015-18 National Land Transport Programme [PDF, 736 KB] – Adoption (Board 15/06/0930)

Note: Information in the following paragraphs has been withheld under s9(2)(g)(i) of the OIA. This relates to the free and frank expression of opinions.

  • Paragraphs 7 & 8
  • Paragraph 37 – 2nd, 3rd & 4th bullet points

Note: Information in the following paragraphs has been withheld under s9(2)(j) of the OIA. This relates to the ongoing discussion on Road Policing Programme.

  • Paragraph 22 h-m
  • Paragraphs 16 & 17
  • Paragraphs 72 to 86

June 2015


2015-18 National Land Transport Programme – Adoption attachments (Board 15/06/0930)

June 2015

Related documents and information

Current factsheets / guides

Investing in cycling: working together to deliver more for New Zealand cycling [PDF, 301 KB]
December 2014
Investment assessment framework (IAF) [PDF, 71 KB]
September 2014
Activity Management Planning and One Network Road Classification [PDF, 52 KB]
September 2014
Using Transport Investment Online [PDF, 53 KB]
September 2014
How the NZ Transport Agency optimises the NLTP [PDF, 262 KB]
September 2014
Working together to develop programmes for the NLTP 2015-18 [PDF, 51 KB] (A3 diagram)
September 2014
Overview of the NLTP and the business case approach [PDF, 90 KB]
September 2014
Safer journeys and safer speeds [PDF, 163 KB]
September 2014
Moving to a co-investment approach [PDF, 190 KB]
May 2014
Developing and optimising NLTP programmes [PDF, 501 KB]
May 2014
Activity Management Planning and One Network Road Classification [PDF, 571 KB]
May 2014
Regional land transport plans [PDF, 201 KB]
May 2014
Public transport investment [PDF, 920 KB]
May 2014


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