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Safety around the tracks

We are responsible for promoting safety on and around New Zealand's rail transport networks. This covers aspects ranging from safe driving behaviours around level crossings to discouraging people from trespassing on and around railways. On this page we've drawn together a collection of information sources on rail safety. It's about respecting the danger and staying alert to the risks.

Rail safety week

Rail Safety Week is an annual Australasian initiative where rail operators across New Zealand and Australia come together to raise awareness about rail safety and encourage safe behaviour around trains and tracks.

Rail Safety Week 2015 is from 10-16 August and is the 9th year the campaign has been run in New Zealand.

This key message of year’s campaign is ‘Expect trains’. It aims to address complacency and distraction which are known factors that contribute to unsafe behaviour around the rail corridor. It encourages people to stay alert around the rail network, whether at a station or a level crossing.

Additional rail safety messages include:

  • Trains are frequent (and can come from any direction)
  • Trains can travel at any time of the day or night
  • Trains can come in quick succession
  • Trains are heavy
  • Trains are fast
  • Trains can’t swerve or stop in a hurry
  • Trains have right of way
  • Rail safety is everyone’s responsibility

For more information about Rail Safety Week, visit the TrackSafe (external link) website.

Rail safety education

You can help to make sure you stay safe by learning about: