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Submissions for this consultation have now closed. 

Rural Intersection Activated Warning Signs (RIAWS)

We’re looking at putting in rural intersection activated warning signs (RIAWS) at intersections which have a high crash rate and where we know having lower speeds approaching the intersection will help improve people’s safety.


RIAWS are electronic signs that detect when someone is turning into or out of a side road and temporarily reduce the speed limit on the state highway (usually from 100 km/h to 60km/hr or 70km/h). RIAWS are already being successfully used at 13 locations on state highways around the country to improve intersection safety with minimal delays for road users.


We’re looking at putting RIAWS in to improve people’s safety at the following sites.

Consultation was held from 5 to 30 March 2018 and is now closed. We're analysing submissions and will update this page once decisions have been.

Download the Safety Boost map [PDF, 4.7 MB]

SH1/Mangapai Rd intersection Northland
SH1/Shoemaker Rd intersection Northland
SH29/SH27 intersection near Hinuera Waikato
SH1/SH29 intersection at Piarere Waikato
SH27/Horrell Rd intersection at Te Puninga Waikato
Gordonton Rd/Taylor Rd (SH1B) intersection


SH25/Hauraki Rd intersection, south of Thames Waikato
SH29/Hopkins Rd intersection, south of Matamata Waikato
SH1/SH79 (the Rangitata turn-off) intersection South Canterbury
SH6 (the Luggate – Cromwell Rd)/SH8A intersection Otago