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Travel Advisory Radio Trial – 102.2 OnRoute FM

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The 102.2 OnRoute FM  trial has ended and our online survey period has now closed too, however you can still have your say by using our online feedback form

The NZ Transport Agency, along with Auckland Transport, is trialling a new radio service for motorists on the move in Auckland.

The trial service, 102.2 OnRoute FM, will run from 6 March to 1 September 2017 using a fixed-term, temporary FM licence for a limited broadcast area (see area map below).

102.2 OnRoute FM coverage area mapView larger area map [JPG, 316 KB]

The aim of the trial is to test short-range radio as a tool for better informing people on route, including by advising them about things which may impact a current or future journey

You may be able to hear 102.2 OnRoute FM outside this zone but as the signal strength is lower audibility will be affected, while within the advertised broadcast zone there may be some spots where topography or other factors affect reception. Please note, when appropriate we will be broadcasting about matters occurring outside the broadcast area as we know many potential listeners travel further afield and want to know what’s going on outside the broadcast zone too.

This service has worked well in countries such as the United States and the proof-of-concept trial in Auckland, backed by customer research, is to see whether it could work well in New Zealand.

The information broadcast will help ensure motorists in the coverage area can access more detailed information about delays which may occur during their trip, such as when an incident has occurred or a road works closure is in place, and can potentially make more informed decisions about their journey, such as taking an alternative route. In an effort to provide more predictable journeys, the station will also broadcast information about activity which may impact future journeys, which will enable people to plan in order to avoid delays if possible.

This will include, but not be limited to, information about current state highway improvement projects in the area and scheduled overnight motorway maintenance closures, along with major public events which could create congestion in a localised area.

Public alerts and advisories from NZ Police, Auckland Civil Defence and Emergency Management will also be broadcast where relevant.

Pre-recorded messages will be on-air 24/7; however live updates on incidents affecting the transport network will only be available 6am – 7pm, Monday to Friday

In order to take full advantage of 102.2 OnRoute FM we recommend you pre-set 102.2FM in your vehicle’s radio before departure to have it easily accessible while on the move in/near the advertised broadcast area.

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Frequently asked questions

For more details on this trial visit our Frequently asked questions page.

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