About NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi

Our vision

A land transport system connecting people, products and places for a thriving Aotearoa.

Our vision describes the land transport system that we want to see, and that we are committed to delivering through the things we lead, shape and influence.

Our vision describes a system that connects individuals, businesses and communities to each other to provide access to important social and economic opportunities such as work, school, shops, churches, marae, healthcare providers, and parks. 

It speaks to our role in keeping towns, cities and regions connected to each other for freight and tourism purposes. 

It celebrates our role in enabling New Zealanders to live better lives by making it easy for them to get around, to do business, and to enjoy places that are both local to them and further away.

A thriving Aotearoa means our country has strong social connectedness, is economically prosperous, is responsive to changes in our globally connected world, looks after those who are more vulnerable, and takes care of the environment and resources on which we all rely.

Te kāpehu – our compass

Te kāpehu – our compass sets out our place and aspirations within the wider land transport system. It sets our direction for what we want to achieve as an organisation, how we will go about this, and why we are here.

Te kāpehu will be implemented through our strategic priorities, business plan, culture roadmap, and a range of organisational strategies, programmes and initiatives that we have developed – or are developing – for different issues and outcomes.

Te kāpehu [PDF, 35 KB]

Kāhui whetū – our guiding stars

Our four strategic priorities will guide our path and prioritise our work.

Text image showing 4 Waka Kotahi strategic priorities: culture and leadership, accelerating digital, delivery excellence and future foxusPou herenga tangata - Culture and leadership

We have a highly engaged one Waka Kotahi culture built on great leadership and teams, shared values and effective partnerships.

Eke panuku - Delivery excellence

We are focused on delivering our core business, do that exceptionally well and strive to continually improve.

Pae tawhiti - Future focus

Our research, innovative thinking, strategy, policy and long-term planning sets a course to a safe, sustainable and efficient land transport system.

Auahatanga - Accelerating digital

We will use digital and data capabilities to enable our future transport vision, transform our operations and provide better experiences for our people, partners and users.