Crash Analysis System (CAS) privacy statement

The Crash Analysis System (CAS) allows analysis of and holds information about motor vehicle crashes in New Zealand.

Crash Analysis System (CAS)

Why we need personal information 

We collect information about crashes and hold it in CAS for the purposes of: 

  • informing transport policy and regulations
  • designing and prioritising a range of road user behaviour and road safety initiatives
  • supporting funding applications for network and road safety improvements
  • monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of road safety initiatives
  • providing statistics to support a wide range of public information requests
  • providing information for research purposes connected with road network user behaviour, road safety and transport policy
  • administering the Crash Analysis System (NZTA staff and approved contractors only).

How we collect personal information

The information is provided by the NZ Police under section 211 of the Land Transport Act 1998. If you have been involved in a crash, your information may be included in the CAS system. 

What information is collected 

Personal information of individuals involved in crashes, including their: 

  • full name 
  • date of birth 
  • street address 
  • phone number 
  • driver licence number 
  • vehicle information including the vehicle registration number 
  • Information about the crash they were involved in like location.

Who has access to your personal information

Some information on crashes is publicly available in the Waka Kotahi Open Data Portal. Users of this portal cannot access your personal information and so cannot identify you at all. 

Waka Kotahi Open Data Portal(external link)

Direct access to CAS may be provided to users who must first sign agreements for access which place obligations on them to only use the data for approved purposes. Examples include engineers who may want to analyse individual crashes to evaluate road safety projects.  

Users with direct access are prohibited from disclosing any information that may reveal the identity of any individual involved in a crash.  

We can also link CAS data to data from other sources to improve its usefulness to recipients. 

How we keep your information secure

Our general privacy statement on information storage, security, accessing and correcting your information also applies to CAS.  

General privacy statement

How to ask about your information

You can ask questions, request access to, and correction of, your information. In some cases, we may refer you to the NZ Police or another agency if they collected the information.

Please refer to the 'Requesting access to or correction of your information' section for more information.

Requesting access to or correction of your information

If you have a complaint about how we handled your personal information, please refer to the 'Privacy complaints' section.

Privacy complaints