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The following documents and tools help us to carry out state highway work in a way which meets our environmental and social responsibilities.

State highway environmental plan

This state highway environmental and social responsibility plan provides the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency’s approach to implementation of our environmental and social responsibility policy, in relation to the planning, design, operation and maintenance of New Zealand’s state highway network.

State highway environmental plan

Environmental and social responsibility standard

The purpose of the Environmental and Social Responsibility Standard (ESR Standard) is to set out professional services requirements for the implementation of our Waka Kotahi environmental, cultural, social policy and strategy on our projects and activities. The ESR Standard also provides information to internal and external project teams on when and how to implement our requirements and includes a suite of guidance documents and tools.

ESR Standard(external link)

Sustainability Rating Schemes (previously Greenroads)

Waka Kotahi is committed to deliver good environmental and social outcomes as part of the design, construction and operation of our infrastructure projects. To help achieve these outcomes we have been using Sustainability Rating Schemes since 2016. From September 2020, we will be using the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) rating scheme. 

All projects over $100 million are required to complete ISCA certification unless there are strong non-monetised, monetised benefits and value for money arguments that this is not practical and that our sustainability objectives can be achieved in an alternative agreed way.  All projects over $15 million will be required to assess the merits of using the ISCA- IS rating scheme.

Using the ISCA – IS rating scheme allows Waka Kotahi to drive how environmental, social and economic outcomes are incorporated into public infrastructure. It also provides us with a method to recognise high levels of achievement in sustainability, promotes high standards of performance, and encourages advancement within the industry.

Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA)

Projects with contractual requirements to complete a Greenroads assessment will continue to work on their Greenroads certification.