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NZTA Waka Kotahi app

We’ve developed an app to provide a digital platform with simple and secure ways for New Zealanders to access their licence and vehicle information, as well as make payments, with more capabilities to be added in the future.

The NZTA app is currently in Beta mode, and we’re asking for your help in testing the app and to provide feedback. Information on how to download and take part in testing the app can be found below.

While the app shows driver licence information, the NZTA App is not a replacement of your current licence. You must always have your driver licence with you when driving.


To access the current version of the NZTA app, you need a RealMe verified log in. Set up or check your RealMe account for verification on the RealMe website.

RealMe website(external link)

In future, the app won't require RealMe verification and an alternative log in will be available.

How to get the app

For Android users:

  • Download the app via the Google Play Store (use this link to access the NZTA app).
  • Once downloaded you will be able to use and test the app as well as provide feedback.

Google Play Store(external link)

For iOS (iPhone) users: 

  • We’ve now reached the limit of test users for the iOS version of the app so can’t take any more registrations for iPhone users. Once the full version is available, there will be no limits on downloads.


We appreciate any feedback on the app and your experience using it. All feedback will be monitored to refine and improve future versions. Any feedback can be emailed directly to or via the app itself on Android and TestFlight on iOS.

App features – Beta version

Driver licence details

This will show you some details that would appear on your physical licence plus:

  • licence status
  • licence conditions
  • demerit point balance.

It will not show:

  • photo
  • date of birth.

Note: This is not a valid licence or form of ID and should not be mistaken for one. You must always have your driver licence with you when driving. We’re working with the Ministry of Transport to understand what would be required to enable digital drivers licences.

Vehicle details

You can add up to five vehicles, and will be able to see:

  • year
  • make and model
  • registration expiry date
  • WoF expiry date
  • road user charges – end distance.

Troubleshooting common issues

If you have any issues with downloading or accessing the app, most can be resolved by following the below troubleshooting processes.

If you still have issues that can’t be resolved with the below, contact our app team at

  • Login – RealMe

    Invalid request

    To access the NZTA app your RealMe account needs to be verified. To check if your account is verified visit and work through the following process to confirm your RealMe status.

    How do I know if my RealMe account is verified?

    • Go to 'Login' on the top-right corner
    • Select 'My Verified Account'
    • Enter your username and password and select 'Login'
    • On the ‘Your identity’ section if there’s a:
      • green tick – your identity information has been verified
      • orange arrow – your application is in progress
      • empty white box – you don’t have a RealMe verified identity.

    RealMe security code

    Log into the app again. If no code is received, contact the RealMe team on 0800 664 774

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  • Login – licence not found

    No licence found connected with RealMe account

    • It could be that your name and date of birth recorded with RealMe may be different to what is recorded on your driver licence. If those are different you will see this error. If the difference is resolved, either updating your name with RealMe or with NZTA, you should be able to login.

    Error on licence section in app

    • This is a known issue and we’re in the process of fixing this.
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  • App functions – vehicles

    Vehicle information lost when logging out

    • The current version of the app only retains information for the current logged in session. We’re making changes soon that will save these details so they’re not lost when logging out.

    Ability for to add vehicles not registered to you

    • The information returned regarding vehicles is publicly available and already accessible via several websites and apps. No personal details associated with your vehicle is shared. In future versions of the app we will be displaying the vehicles that are registered to you and you will be able to access other features regarding only those vehicles.
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