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Amendment (Omnibus) Rules 2021

From August to October 2020, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency consulted, on behalf of the Minister of Transport, on proposed changes to Land Transport Rules, set out in Land Transport Rule: Regulatory Stewardship (Omnibus) Amendment 2020.

Consultation on the proposed changes was carried out to ensure that legislation was sound and robust and that the Rule development process took account of the views of, and the impact on, people affected by proposed Rule changes.

Waka Kotahi received a total of 23 submissions on the proposed changes. The issues that were raised during consultation were analysed and taken into account in preparing final amendment Rules for the Minister of Transport's consideration.

Read the Summary of submissions report [PDF, 522 KB] which include responses to the points raised.

Rules amended

  1. Door Retention Systems 2001
  2. Driver Licensing 1999  
  3. External Projections 2001
  4. Frontal Impact 2001
  5. Fuel Consumption Information 2008
  6. Glazing, Windscreen Wipe and Wash, and Mirrors 1999
  7. Head Restraints 2001
  8. Heavy-vehicle Brakes
  9. Heavy Vehicles 2004 
  10. Interior Impact 2001
  11. Light-vehicle Brakes 2002
  12. Passenger Service Vehicles 1999
  13. Road User 2004
  14. Seatbelts and Seatbelt Anchorages 2002  
  15. Seat and Seat Anchorages 2002
  16. Steering Systems 2001 
  17. Traffic Control Devices 2004
  18. Tyres and Wheels 2001
  19. Vehicle Dimensions and Mass 2016
  20. Vehicle Equipment 2004
  21. Vehicle Lighting 2004
  22. Vehicle Standards Compliance 2002
  23. Work Time and Logbooks 2007

Final amendment Rules

Note that these amendment Rules come into force on 1 May 2021.

  1. Land Transport Rule: Door Retention Systems Amendment 2021 [PDF, 239 KB]
  2. Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Amendment Rule 2021 [PDF, 140 KB]
  3. Land Transport Rule: External Projections Amendment 2021 [PDF, 236 KB]
  4. Land Transport Rule: Frontal Impact Amendment 2021 [PDF, 235 KB]
  5. Land Transport Rule: Fuel Consumption Information Amendment 2021 [PDF, 236 KB]
  6. Land Transport Rule: Glazing, Windscreen Wipe and Wash, and Mirrors Amendment 2021 [PDF, 239 KB]
  7. Land Transport Rule: Head Restraints Amendment 2021 [PDF, 240 KB]
  8. Land Transport Rule: Heavy-vehicle Brakes Amendment 2021 [PDF, 224 KB]
  9. Land Transport Rule: Heavy Vehicles Amendment 2021 [PDF, 229 KB]
  10. Land Transport Rule: Interior Impact Amendment 2021 [PDF, 239 KB]
  11. Land Transport Rule: Light-vehicle Brakes Amendment 2021 [PDF, 241 KB]
  12. Land Transport Rule: Passenger Service Vehicles Amendment 2021 [PDF, 226 KB]
  13. Land Transport (Road User) Amendment Rule 2021 [PDF, 213 KB]
  14. Land Transport Rule: Seatbelts and Seatbelt Anchorages Amendment 2021 [PDF, 241 KB]
  15. Land Transport Rule: Seats and Seat Anchorages Amendment 2021 [PDF, 220 KB]
  16. Land Transport Rule: Steering Systems Amendment 2021 [PDF, 235 KB]
  17. Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices Amendment 2021 [PDF, 360 KB]
  18. Land Transport Rule: Tyres and Wheels Amendment 2021 [PDF, 239 KB]
  19. Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Amendment 2021 [PDF, 231 KB]
  20. Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Equipment Amendment 2021 [PDF, 236 KB]
  21. Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Lighting Amendment 2021 [PDF, 241 KB]
  22. Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Standards Compliance Amendment 2021 [PDF, 224 KB]
  23. Land Transport Rule: Work Time and Logbooks Amendment 2021 [PDF, 228 KB]