Auckland electric vehicles – Phase 2 trial Bylaw 2017

Submissions for this consultation have now closed. 

Consultation on an NZ Transport Agency proposal to allow electric vehicles access to specified special vehicles lanes on state highways in Auckland has closed.  This work supports the Government’s package to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles in New Zealand to 64,000 by the end of 2021, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The proposed bylaw will allow electric vehicles, (a motor vehicle with motive power wholly or partly derived from an external source of electricity), access to 11 priority bypass lanes (motorway onramps) in Auckland for a 12 month trial period. Ten of these special vehicle lanes are currently reserved for use by high-occupancy (T2) motor vehicles and trucks and one is a bus-only onramp. 

If the bylaw goes ahead it is proposed the trial will commence later this year.