Interim guidelines for preparing regional public transport plans

This consultation has now closed.

The Transport Agency's Interim guidelines for preparing regional public transport plans reflect recent legislative and operational policy changes, and they guide preparation of regional public transport plans.


The Land Transport Management Act (external link)(LTMA) was amended in mid-2013.  The amendments and our operational policy changes to implement them mean there are new requirements for regional public transport plans.

The new provisions require partnership and collaboration between regional councils, territorial authorities and operators. They also integrate network planning and procurement approaches, requiring all services to be part of a unit in a regional public transport plan, and provided under contract to the regional council. These tools (among other changes) enable good network planning, and good contract design and partnering between public transport operators and regional councils.  They are expected to deliver value for money benefits over the long term.

The consultation period started on 7 October 2013 and closed at 5pm on 4 November 2013.

Consultation documents