Traffic Control Devices Bylaw

Submissions for this consultation have now closed. Please refer to the Bylaw 2017-14 NZ Transport Agency Traffic Controls on State Highways.

In order to make traffic controls currently in place on state highways easily understood and accessible to the public, the NZ Transport Agency is combining these into a single bylaw, which we are now consulting with you on.

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The consultation closes on Monday 8 May 2017, after which a final document will be prepared and released.

About the draft Traffic Control Devices Bylaw

The purpose of this draft bylaw [PDF, 544 KB] is to consolidate all traffic control measures on state highways under the control of the Transport Agency.

The consolidated bylaw includes schedules that contain all traffic control measures.

Bringing these restrictions into one consolidated bylaw means traffic controls will be easier to understand and manage, making our highways safer and more efficient for our customers.

Questions and answers

Why is the Transport Agency doing this?

We want to bring all traffic restrictions that apply to New Zealand’s state highways into a single consolidated bylaw. Currently these controls are contained in various bylaws originally enacted in the 1990s. The consolidated bylaw includes schedules containing all traffic control measures applying to our highways, making traffic controls easier to understand and manage, and our highways safer and more efficient for our customers.

What kind of traffic restrictions are included in the bylaw?

Parking, the use of special vehicle lanes on our highways and engine braking are some key matters regulated by the bylaw. The consolidated bylaw will include schedules that contain all traffic control measures.

Does this change imply that existing bylaws are potentially not legal?

No. All current and applicable bylaws have full legal status. This status will be maintained until the new consolidated bylaw comes into force. Once the new bylaw comes into force, it will revoke the various earlier bylaws.

Is there any need for a road controlling authority to amend its own bylaws and, if so, what categories of bylaw would this cover?

The Transport Agency has collated the various controls for all state highways in the draft bylaw schedules. Please review these schedules and provide us with feedback. As this is a consolidation of existing bylaws, it does not include any amendments. Amendments would need to be consulted on, and follow the standard gazetting process.

Will road controlling authorities need to categorise and amend their own bylaws, or provide the Transport Agency with a lot of information?

No. As noted above, we have already gathered the controls we are aware of; these are included in the schedules to the draft bylaw. If you are aware of any updates required please let us know via

Draft Bylaw for consultation

Draft Traffic Control Devices Bylaw [PDF, 544 KB]

Draft regional schedules for consultation

These draft schedules are to be read together with the draft Traffic Control Devices Bylaw.

Auckland schedule [PDF, 450 KB]

Central Otago schedule [PDF, 620 KB]

Christchurch/West Coast schedule [PDF, 1.5 MB]

Coastal Otago schedule [PDF, 944 KB]

Gisborne/Hawkes Bay schedule [PDF, 681 KB]

Nelson/Marlborough schedule [PDF, 815 KB]

Northland schedule [PDF, 637 KB]

Palmerston North schedule [PDF, 956 KB]

Southland schedule [PDF, 759 KB]

Wellington/Wairarapa schedule [PDF, 539 KB]

Waikato/Bay of Plenty schedule [PDF, 1.3 MB]