Traffic control devices manual – part 4 consultation

Submissions for this consultation have now closed. 

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is consulting on the Traffic control devices manual part 4 – traffic control devices used at intersections.

Part 4 of the manual provides guidance and best practice for road controlling authorities and traffic management practitioners on the use of traffic control devices, such as signs and road marking, at intersections. These devices are used to regulate, warn and advise road users on New Zealand’s road network.

Part 4 has been developed by Waka Kotahi and its consultants with the help of the Traffic Control Devices Working and Steering Groups, made up of representatives from across the transport sector.

We want to hear what road controlling authorities, traffic and transport practitioners and road user groups think about Part 4.

In particular, we are keen to receive feedback on the proposed line naming convention (see Appendix A, Line naming Convention) and on hook turn boxes for cyclists at intersections (see 6.7 Providing for cycling at signalised intersections).

We also need to confirm what the preferred form – html or pdf – is for the document to be released in and we’d like your feedback on that.

After the consultation is completed a final document will be prepared and released.

The consultation closed on Thursday 14 October 2021.

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