NZ Heavy Vehicle Brake Testing Protocol

Submissions for this consultation have now closed. 

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency consulted on an update to the New Zealand Heavy Vehicle Brake Test Protocol.

Brake testing is a crucial part of any inspection process, and this protocol has been designed to guide vehicle inspectors, who are approved to carry out roller brake machine testing for entry certification or CoF B inspection, and for Waka Kotahi Vehicle Specialists, NZ Police Vehicle Safety Officers, and approved HMV crash investigators.

It may also be used as reference material for heavy vehicle specialist certifiers, service providers, owners and operators to help ensure all heavy vehicles are repaired and operated in the safest condition possible.

The protocol is intended to replace all previous versions of the Heavy vehicle brake testing: CoF and entry certification brake test protocol and procedure (versions 1 – 12). When implemented, the procedures must be complied with by all heavy vehicle brake testing organisations and approved roller brake machine operators.

The updates to the Protocol are expected to come into effect in October 2022.