Requirements for urban buses (RUB) in New Zealand review consultation

Submissions for this consultation have now closed. 

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is currently reviewing the Requirements for Urban Buses in New Zealand 2014 (RUB), in line with its stated 3-year update objective to:

  • create national consistency and efficiency of the bus fleet
  • ensure bus standards are up to date in a world of rapidly developing vehicle technology, and
  • improve access to social and economic opportunities for the transport disadvantaged.

Everyone who travels on an urban bus will be affected by these proposed changes. We want to be sure we consider your views, and the impact that the proposed changes could have on you.

We’re consulting on our proposed changes to ensure that:

  • the RUB review process takes this into account, and
  • our national urban bus guidelines are sound and robust.

We’ll analyse the feedback we receive from you and take it into account when we finalise our proposed changes. Then, the RUB document will be approved and ratified by Waka Kotahi. We expect most of the proposed changes to be adopted by Q1 2021.

Consultation documents

Please read the following documents carefully and consider what effects these changes would have on you, or your organisation (if relevant). We recommend reading the Overview first and having this to refer to while making your submission.

Accessible versions (Easy Read) of the consultation documents are available to download).

Title Download Word (DOCX) or PDF format
Overview   [DOCX, 690 KB]   [PDF, 455 KB]
Draft RUB for consultation   [DOCX, 5.5 MB]   [PDF, 1.3 MB]
Changes comparison document RUB 2014/2020   [DOCX, 73 KB]   [PDF, 168 KB]