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Documents with temporary extensions

During COVID-19 Alert Level 4, temporary extensions were granted for several land transport documents that had or were due to expire. The extensions allowed people to continue driving and using their vehicles legally while restrictions were in place that prevented them from renewing the documents.

The temporary extensions have ended as renewals were required by 11.59pm on 10 October 2020. More details are available below.

After 10 October 2020, the following applies:

  • Vehicles with expired WoF/CoF/certifications must not be used until a vehicle inspection is completed or certification is reinstated. You are only allowed to drive your vehicle for the sole purpose of obtaining a new WoF/CoF/certification.
  • It is illegal to drive on an expired driver licence or endorsement. You must have these renewed before you resume driving.
  • The vehicle licence (rego) displayed on the vehicle windscreen must be current and we recommend you renew online now. As there is a legal requirement for vehicles to be licensed continuously, licence fees are backdated to the original expiry date. After 11.59pm on 10 October, the vehicle must have a current WoF/CoF to renew the rego.
  • If you operate rental vehicles and have let the CoFs and vehicle licences (regos) lapse due to lower demand, please consider renewing these now prior to the summer holiday period where local travel may increase demand for vehicle rentals. Or apply to put your licence (rego) on hold (conditions apply).
  • Please note that wait times at inspections sites and licensing agents are expected to remain high as a results of backlog from the COVID-19 lockdowns. Please plan your visit to avoid the busiest times of day (such as lunch time) and ensure you bring the correct documents with you.

NZ Police and local government authorities have reinstated standard enforcement procedures. This means they have the discretion to issue fines or take further action when they find an expired vehicle inspection certificate, rego or driver licence.

Read our frequently asked questions for more information

Renew your vehicle licence (rego)

Put your vehicle licence (rego) on hold