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Public transport services, including Total Mobility

Who can use public transport during Alert Level 2?

Anyone can use public transport at Alert Level 2.

Contact tracing – if you use an electronic public transport card, please make sure this is registered and your contact details are up to date. QR codes for the government COVID-19 Tracer App are also being displayed on all services at all levels.

Always follow Ministry of Health personal hygiene advice and, in addition, either use hand sanitiser or wash your hands before and after using services.

If you’re feeling unwell, please don’t use public transport.

More information about travel in Alert Level 2(external link)

When do I need to wear a mask or face covering on public transport?

It is mandatory wear a mask or face covering on public transport in Auckland.

Masks or face coverings are encouraged on public transport throughout the rest of New Zealand.

Masks or face coverings are mandatory on all inter-regional public transport journeys to, from and through the Auckland region. This includes flights, and inter-regional buses or trains. It is encouraged to wear one on other regional routes. Use hand sanitiser or wash your hand before, during and after the journey.

We strongly encourage Aucklanders who leave the region to ‘take their Alert Level with them’. This means maintain physical distancing, avoid large gatherings, and wear a face covering in crowded or confined spaces such as shops or on public transport.

For those visiting Auckland, while you are in Auckland gatherings are restricted to a maximum of 100 people and you must wear a face covering on public transport.

Is public transport safe to use?

Yes, public transport continues to be safe to use throughout all Alert Levels. A number of measures are in place to make sure public transport remains safe.

Public transport operators continue to follow Ministry of Health cleaning guidance, including carrying out increased frequency and intensity of cleaning of buses, trains, ferries, and facilities.

Trains, buses and facilities are regularly treated with disinfectant, which is effective in destroying germs. High contact surfaces, eg, handrails etc, are also regularly wiped down during the day.

What is Total Mobility and who can use the services?

Total Mobility is part of our public transport system and is designed to help people who can’t access standard public transport services. It provides door to door transport for those with long term impairments who are unable to use public transport.

There is no change to the existing eligibility requirements for Total Mobility. Fares will be charged as normal on these services with a 50% subsidy applied, up to the regional fare cap.

Additional information about Total Mobility

Further information about regional schemes [PDF, 1 MB]