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What documents are eligible for the temporary extension?

Temporary extensions apply to the following documents that expire during the period of 21 July 2021 to 11.59pm 31 May 2022:

  • Eligible driver licences.
  • Driver licence endorsements.

Information about the temporary extensions in place

What documents no longer have extensions in place?

Temporary extensions ended on 30 November 2021 for:

  • WoFs/CoFs.
  • Other vehicle certifications including entry certificates, alternative fuel inspection certificates, authorisations of vehicles with conditions, and heavy vehicle specialist certifications of towing connections and log bolster attachments.
  • All vehicle licenses (regos).

Temporary extensions ended on 31 March 2022 for:

  • Overseas driver licences.

Why are driver licencing documents extended for a longer period than vehicle inspection documents?

Extended periods of lockdown in some areas prevented licensing agents from opening until November 2021. This means many people have been unable to renew driving licensing documents before the end of the initial Delta extension on 30 November 2021. Extending these documents for a further six months provides time for people to renew.

Will I receive a fine if my documents show as expired?

Police officers will take the action they deem most appropriate for the situation most likely to lead to road safety, whether it’s education, compliance, or enforcement. If your vehicle’s WoF/CoF/rego wasn't renewed by 30 November 2021 you face the possibility of receiving an infringement for having expired vehicle documents outside of the extension period. Drivers are encouraged to ensure their vehicle documents are in order.

It’s still a requirement that vehicles must be safe to operate on a public road. At a minimum, inspect your vehicle (especially tyres, windscreen, wipers, mirrors, indicators, and lights) to assess its safety.

Drivers of heavy vehicles should also follow the inspection guidelines on our website as a minimum safety check.

If you think your vehicle is unsafe, either don’t drive it or arrange for a WoF/CoF when you can.

Enforcement agents (local councils and NZ Police) are aware that driver licensing documents that expire 21 July to 31 May 2022 are temporarily extended.

Will this allow people who have had their licence disqualified to drive legally or vehicles that have been ordered off the road to be used?

No. All existing licence suspensions, disqualifications and revocations for driver licences and all prohibitions on operating a vehicle issued by NZ Police will continue to apply.

Does this mean people who received an infringement for operating a vehicle before the extension came into effect do not have to pay this?

No. The extension was not retrospective and does not address any previous infringements. It only addresses travel that happens after it comes into effect.

If a person was issued an infringement notice for any of these offences after Alert Level 4 was declared but before the extension came into effect, they should contact NZ Police. NZ Police have discretion to waive infringements before they are paid.