Engineer to contract accreditation

Only consultants who are accredited by us may be eligible to deliver Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency physical works contracts. It is a requirement for all new construction projects that the engineer to the contract and engineer's representative are accredited to the appropriate level.

Accreditation levels

There are four levels of accreditation based on project cost, risk and complexity:


Level 1

Small projects (low value-low risk, low complexity and /or up to $5m)

Level 2

Moderate projects (moderate complexity/ and or $5m to $15m)

Level 3

Large projects  (moderate complexity/ and or $15m to $50m)

Level 4

Complex projects (more than $50m or design & construction or ECI variants or high risk/complexity)

Applying for accreditation

To apply for accreditation, download the application pack, which includes information on:

  • the accreditation application process
  • the documents you need to send with your application
  • the levels for which you can apply and the type of experience and competency you will need for each.

Download the application pack

Any consultant may apply for accreditation by emailing an electronic copy of the application form found in the application pack and supporting documentation to