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Full HPMV network map now online


At the NZ Transport Agency we are constantly looking at ways to help operators get more freight on fewer trucks.

H plate on a high productivity motor vehicle

H plate on a high productivity motor vehicle.

An initiative aimed at making it easier for our customers to move freight is the development of an online map showing the nationwide network of high productivity freight routes available for full High Productivity Motor Vehicles (HPMV).

The map and some frequently asked questions, including information about the type of vehicles which are suitable for full HPMV, are available here (external link) , or as a link from the HPMV page on our website, (external link) .

The map will be continually updated as new routes are added so operators are encouraged to keep checking the website to ensure they are up to date with the latest available routes.

This year the nationwide network of access for full HPMV reached the milestone of 4500 kilometres after a sustained programme of investment by the Transport Agency to strengthen bridges on economically viable routes.

The full HPMV map is in addition to the 50MAX access map also available on our website, (external link) . It’s important to remember that while the maps show the routes available for full HPMVs and 50MAX, operators still need to obtain a permit and approval from the appropriate road controlling authority or the Transport Agency before travelling on the roads shown.

Operators should also familiarise themselves with the distinct differences including the legend of the two freight network maps. This means understanding how their permit applies according to where they are on each particular network, and what weights they are carrying