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Volume One of the VDAM Permitting Manual complete


To help make life easier for freight operators we have produced the first volume of a new Vehicle Dimension and Mass (VDAM) manual.

Here at the NZ Transport Agency we are always looking at ways to make the permitting process simpler and more efficient, while fulfilling our statutory requirement to ensure we consider the safety of all road users when issuing permits.

That is why we have started the process of gathering all the information about Vehicle Dimension and Mass (VDAM) permitting into a new manual.

“This manual provides a one-stop-shop of everything you will need to know about applying for and operating under a permit,” says Kelly Timms, the Transport Agency’s Customer Access Operations Manager.

Volume One of the manual is now complete and covers the latest VDAM Rule amendments, information on operator safety checks and more and you can view it on our website at: (external link)

The VDAM manual combines HPMV, overweight and over dimension permitting information, so the old HPMV Permitting Manual and the Overweight Permit Manual have now been removed from the website.

Volume Two of the manual, which will be completed later this year, will outline the processes and procedures that apply to permit applications.

Once this has been done the two volumes of the completed manual will serve as a transparent body of knowledge of how the Transport Agency permitting staff and contractors carry out the due diligence required when assessing a permit application.