Māori engagement research survey 2022

Strengthening our relationships with Māori is important to us at Waka Kotahi as a Crown partner under Te Tiriti o Waitangi. To help guide us in this area, we commissioned Maarama Consulting to complete an independent research programme. This included in-depth interviews and an online survey with Māori that we engage with across Aoteraroa New Zealand and our own staff.

The objectives of this research programme were to:

  • better understand what Māori are looking for from their relationships with Waka Kotahi
  • identify how we’re currently performing in the eyes of Māori
  • determine the areas we need to focus on to improve our relationships.

The research will be used as a benchmark on our current performance and to guide our future work, by helping to identify specific actions and initiatives to improve our relationships with Māori, including key performance indicator (KPI) targets to drive accountability and improvement.

Here are the findings and insights from this research:

Understanding and improving relationships with Māori [PDF, 4.2 MB]