Waitaha – Canterbury


More than $1.3 billion is being invested in Waitaha – Canterbury during the 2021–24 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) to create a safe, more resilient road and rail network, that will support the movement of people and goods. 

Waitaha – Canterbury NLTP 2022 update

Graphic showing 1.3 billion forecast investment

Latest news

A group of children and adults walk across an intersection

SH73 West Melton

Installation of traffic lights, with pedestrian crossing phases on SH73 at the intersection with Weedons Ross Road is making it safer and easier for people to get around the township whether they’re walking, cycling or driving. The project, completed in March 2023, also included a new cul-de-sac on West Melton Road, a link road and roundabout connecting Weedons Ross and West Melton Roads, changes to stockwater races, and shared paths, for walkers and cyclists.

SH73 West Melton improvements

People wait at a crossing as a train goes past

Walnut Avenue, Ashburton

Safety and access improvements on State Highway 1 (West Street) and East Street with Walnut Avenue were completed in late 2022. This small, yet complex project, has involved replacing two roundabouts with traffic lights, and integrating those lights with new rail level crossing signals. This is making the area safer for everyone whether driving, biking or walking - especially school children attending the local schools.  

Walnut Avenue intersection improvements

Major work underway

Canterbury map 2022

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Tinwald corridor improvements

New traffic signals at SH1/Lagmhor Road/Agnes Street intersection will make it easier and safer for people to get to the shops, local businesses, school and community facilities across the highway and rail line and strengthen community connections between east and west Tinwald. The design has been finalised and construction is expected to start during the second half of 2023.

SH1 Tinwald corridor improvements

Rolleston safety improvements

At Rolleston, we’re making final changes to the recommended plan following community feedback in 2022. This project will improve safety and the connections between residential and business communities either side of SH1. Once the business case is finished we will start work on detailed design and gaining consents.

SH1 Rolleston transport improvements

SH75 Halswell Road

Installation of bus lanes on SH75, from Dunbars to Curletts roads, will increase the reliability and improve journey times for public transport services between south-west Christchurch and the central city. We’re working on the detailed design for the project and through the consenting process.

SH75 Halswell Road improvements

SH76 Brougham Street

Improvements to Brougham Street will make it safer and easier for people to do everyday things like taking children to school, moving goods and travelling to work. We are working on the detailed design for this busy road, including design of the T2 lanes and pedestrian and cycle overbridge between Collins Street and Simeon Street. 

SH76 Brougham Street upgrade

PT Futures and turn up and go (mass rapid transit) for Christchurch

The Greater Christchurch Public Transport (PT) Futures programme objectives are for a more sustainable and accessible Greater Christchurch. It comprises three components: Foundations, Rest of network, and Mass rapid transit (MRT) AKA Turn up and go.

The Foundations and Rest of Network projects will improve the existing public transport system, making it a more competitive option. Some of the changes planned are: better bus frequency and reliability, readily accessible real-time information, a fully electric bus fleet, and more bus shelters and bus priority lanes. In February 2023, the Minister of Transport announced an additional $78 million to accelerate this project.

In addition to this, the creation of a high-tech, high frequency, high capacity, no emission, public transport option is being investigated. It is being called a ‘turn up and go’ public transport service. Public engagement on the turn up and go idea and route gained significant public support in March 2023. Work will now continue on the business case for this project.

Greater Christchurch Partnership(external link)

Mackenzie Basin pull-over areas

Pull-over areas have been built in the Mackenzie Basin on SH8, SH79 and SH80 to improve safety for tourists stopping to look at and capture the beauty of the picturesque landscape. We are working with mana whenua on an art project for two sites, one just south of Burkes Pass and the other at Dog Kennel Corner.

SH8, SH79, SH80 MacKenzie Basin pull-over areas

Maintenance update

Maintenance activity undertaken during 2022/23

  • Rehabilitation (completely rebuilding the road) – 11.6 lane km
  • Resurfacing (replacing asphalt) – 17.4 lane km
  • Resealing (adding new layer of chipseal) – 223.8 lane km
  • Total state highway network renewed – 9.0%
  • Total state highway maintenance spend – $58.3m

Maintenance summary infographic for Canterbury 2022/23 [PDF, 857 KB]

Planned maintenance for 2023/24

  • Rehabilitations – 23.3 lane km
  • Resurfacing – 12.7 lane km
  • Resealing – 191.5 lane km
  • Percentage of network to be renewed – 7.8%
  • Total state highway spend – $72.9m

Planned maintenance infographic for Canterbury 2023/24 [PDF, 1 MB]


Interim State Highway Speed Management Plan

Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency sought feedback on our speed management plan for state highways. Submissions closed on 12 December 2022. A decision report will be available mid-2023.

Interim State Highway Speed Management Plan consultation