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Major state highway programmes

We manage a number of major asset improvement and asset management projects for New Zealand’s state highway network. This page details the programmes and provides information about upcoming projects.

Asset improvements of state highways – projects programme

Asset improvement projects for physical works and professional services contracts are covered under the Asset improvements of state highways - projects programme. This includes civil construction projects that are expected to cost more than $5 million. The programme does not include non-civil construction projects. In addition, a programmes of upcoming contracts managed by the Safe Roads Alliance is also available.

The Asset improvements of state highways - projects programme is based on:

  • the current expected cost estimates, as defined in our Cost estimation manual

  • the most likely tender, evaluation and construction periods of projects considered ‘significant’ by either value or importance

  • the proposed delivery model for each contract.

Asset management of state highways – large maintenance contracts programme

Asset management contracts are covered under the large maintenance contracts programme.

The Transport Agency has moved to a new approach to its maintenance and operations contracts: network outcomes contracts (NOCs). These contracts will ensure efficiency and effectiveness through strategic asset management and focussed service delivery. Network outcomes contracts are a single contract model (inclusive of physical works and network management functions).

View the Large maintenance contracts programme for information on the timing of future procurement of contracts.

Capital projects tender programme

The Capital projects tender programme is intended to give both potential professional serivces and physical works delivery partners as wel asother interested parties a view of the Transport Agency's forward work programme with imminent tender andconstruction activities, which will assist in bettter pipeline planning and management.

View the Capital projects tender programme