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Our diversity | Ngā Rereketanga

Keeping things diverse

We value the different perspectives and ideas that come from working with people from all walks of life – because we believe that a wide range of experience and points of view are critical to growth and innovation.

Here at the Transport Agency we work as a network of teams that are empowered to take action; we operate as a team of teams – that’s how we’re structured and work across the diverse mix of business groups at the Transport Agency. It's more than collaboration – it's about our ability to be agile in the way we do things; to speak up, listen and integrate different ideas and points of view and reflect on the way we do things.

We value diversity of people and thinking. It’s about how we work together and the expertise and knowledge each of us brings to the table.

Diversity Works

We’re a member of Diversity Works. Members of this group champion diversity and inclusion and provide equal employment opportunities.