Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving New Zealand (SAFED NZ)

Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving New Zealand (SAFED NZ) is a driver development course for truck, bus and coach drivers. There are two separate courses – one for truck drivers, and one for bus and coach drivers.

What is SAFED NZ?

SAFED NZ helps organisations reduce fuel and maintenance costs, reduce carbon-dioxide emissions and improve safety.

It has been developed and implemented by the Ministry of Transport and the NZ Transport Agency. It is also supported by the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority, Bus and Coach Association, Contractors Federation and Road Transport Forum.

The New Zealand programme has been adapted from a successful scheme in the UK. The SAFED NZ has been running in New Zealand since 2010, and has trained more than 2000 drivers, with fuel savings averaging 7.37 percent for trucks and 5.31 percent for buses.  

The benefits of SAFED NZ

The benefits of following the SAFED NZ programme include:

  • increased fuel savings of as much as 10 percent

  • lower costs for fleet operators

  • reduced reliance on imported fossil fuel

  • improved road safety

  • increased economic productivity

  • improved workforce skills.

Find out more about SAFED NZ

Visit link) to find:

  • more information about SAFED NZ courses

  • a SAFED NZ instructor in your area

  • how to become a SAFED NZ instructor

  • case studies from organisations that have implemented SAFED NZ training

  • tips and information on how you and your organisation can save fuel and improve the efficiency of your operation

  • online calculators to estimate the savings you could achieve from undertaking a SAFED NZ course.