Approved full HPMV routes

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency has approved routes that are suitable for high productivity motor vehicles (HPMVs) carrying the maximum loads available under a permit.

The approved full HPMV routes are mainly state highways and key local road bypasses and link roads.

Waka Kotahi publishes the approved full HPMV routes in two different formats:

  1. PDF lists for the North Island and the South Island, and
  2. the full HPMV network map.

The PDF lists are the definitive reference to use together with an HPMV permit. If you hold a current HPMV permit issued by Waka Kotahi, you can travel as of right on the approved full HPMV routes.

Please check the PDF lists of routes and the map carefully as not all state highways and few local roads are currently approved for the maximum loads under a permit. The PDF lists and the map will be updated when new approvals have been granted.

When you apply for an HPMV permit, you can specify additional state highways and local roads you need to travel on that are not approved for full HPMV loads, but the permit may be issued for lower mass limits.

Printable lists of approved full HPMV routes

Waka Kotahi has approved the following routes in New Zealand for full HPMV access.

If you a hold a current HPMV permit issued by Waka Kotahi, you can travel on all the routes listed in the PDF files.

Full HPMV network map

The map is intended to give operators guidance when planning their journeys and help with preparing permit applications. Operators need to apply only for roads that are not approved for full HPMV.

The full HPMV network map differs from the 50MAX network map. If you intend to operate on both networks, you need separate permits and familiarise yourself with the differences between the two networks.

If you are in doubt, please refer to:

Frequently asked questions

What is full HPMV?

Full HPMV refers to the HPMV mass limits in the VDAM Rule schedule 3, parts 3 and 4. It applies to the maximum axle mass limits as well as the maximum total mass limits that are available under an HPMV permit. 

If my route is not on the map, can I still get a permit?

Yes, you can still apply for an HPMV permit if your route is not (or only partially) on the full HPMV network map or the PDFs of approved routes. When you complete the application form, you will need to specify additional state highways you wish to travel on that are not approved for full HPMV. But the axle mass and total mass limits on the permit are likely to be less than the full HPMV limits. You also need to specify the local roads you require on the permit application form.

What vehicle designs suit full HPMV?

In general, you will need a truck and trailer or B-train combination with at least 8 axles that is capable of carrying full HPMV loads within its design certifications (such as GVM and GCM). Your vehicle must also have the axle types, tyres and axle spacings set out in the VDAM Rule schedule 3, parts 3 and 4.

Will my 50MAX truck be suitable for full HPMV?

Many 50MAX vehicle designs are capable of taking higher loads. If you hold a permit for 50MAX, then it is likely your vehicle will be suitable for full HPMV. You will need to apply for a new HPMV permit. 

Will I need a vehicle attributes check?

Yes.  Before you apply for an HPMV permit, you will need to obtain a completed and signed HPMV attributes check sheet from an approved heavy vehicle specialist certifier.

When completing the HPMV attributes check sheet, certifiers assess whether a vehicle is technically capable of carrying a heavier load within its certifications. They check that a vehicle meets a number of requirements including gross vehicle mass.

Download a list of certifiers

What if my truck configuration doesn’t meet the requirements for full HPMV?

You may still be eligible for an HPMV permit, but with lower mass limits than full HPMV.

For details see Chapter D2: Vehicle requirements for HPMV higher mass permits in volume 1 of the VDAM permitting manual.

Volume 1 of the VDAM permitting manual

You can also apply for a feasibility assessment by selecting the Feasibility option on the HPMV permit application form on the Heavy Vehicle Permit Portal. We will undertake a feasibility study of your vehicle combination, your load and the route you want to travel on and let you know whether you can get a permit. Please note that a feasibility application may take more time to process. 

Heavy Vehicle Permit Portal(external link)