Funding high productivity motor vehicle routes

The Vehicle Dimension and Mass Rule Amendment 2010 allows road controlling authorities to apply for funding from the National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) for the introduction of high productivity motor vehicles (HPMVs). See general circular 10/02.

The NZ Transport Agency provides grants to study the impacts of HPMVs on prospective routes and for works needed to prevent or repair damage to roads. Detailed guidance on the funding application process is now available below.

Vehicle Dimension and Mass Rule Amendment 2010: funding and investment guidelines

These guidelines on funding and investment relate to the implementation of the Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Amendment 2010 (the 2010 VDAM amendment). Specifically, it provides:

  • a summary description of the 2010 VDAM amendment
  • the plan for investigating routes for permitted HPMVs
  • the likely impacts of HPMVs and how to determine these
  • reference to methodologies for screening bridges on local roads and for assessing pavement impacts
  • Transport Agency’s funding and investment approach
  • reference to a simplified procedure for economic evaluation of HPMV routes
  • a summary of the economic evaluation for the Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga case study area
  • vehicle fleet impacts nationwide.

Read the Vehicle Dimension and Mass Rule Amendment 2010: funding and investment guidelines [PDF, 515 KB]

Simplified procedure for HPMV routes

This procedure provides a simplified method for evaluating the costs and benefits of upgrading road infrastructure to accommodate HPMVs on a specified route from source of freight to destination. The procedure is designed for bridge strengthening works plus upgrading works for pavements, surfacings and geometry.

Download the Simplified procedure for HPMV routes [DOC, 394 KB]

Who should I talk to for further information?

Road controlling authorities and other interested parties are encouraged to consult their local NZ Transport Agency office to discuss their intentions for HPMV routes, funding or to obtain further information.

Find your local NZ Transport Agency office