Heavy vehicle permit application and compliance monitoring

Safety and compliance are minimum requirements for heavy vehicle permit holders. When an operator applies for a heavy vehicle permit an operator check is undertaken to consider the applicant’s compliance.

This operator check includes investigating whether there have been any weight offences (critical breaches/loading), vehicle safety issues, driver fatigue/distraction issues, road user charges (RUC) evasion, outstanding debt and speeding offences. All these factors will be considered when allowing entry to the permits system.

Permits will not be issued if non-compliance is considered a safety risk.

Active monitoring of current heavy vehicle permit holders

We expect heavy vehicle permit holders to always comply with safety and legal requirements. 

Operators will be monitored for any critical permit breaches, along with other offences relating to the operating of vehicles under permit conditions (such as RUC offences). Enforcement actions for permit breaches may include revoking permits, subject to assessment by Waka Kotahi.

Permit revocations or enforcement actions will be proportionate. 

Heavy vehicle permit compliance – actions taken

All formal actions (including approvals) taken from 1 January 2021 are noted and are accurate as at 31 December 2022.

Outcomes Numbers

50MAX approved


Higher mass approved


Overdimension permits approved


HVP operators warned


HVP declined applications


HVP Operators on Reduced Permit terms


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