Roles, responsibilities and permit requirements for overdimension loads

This page summarises the ‘overdimension’ requirements of the Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass 2016.

Roles and responsibilities

The rule sets out three key roles:

  • Operator

  • On-road supervisor (this is a new role in the 2016 rule)

  • Pilots.

The rule also contains more specific detailed operational requirements associated with the load movement, such as lighting, use of lights, signs, and panels.

The responsibilities are in addition to any other roles and responsibilities that may apply under other acts, regulations and rules applicable to the load.

Key responsibilities

Operator responsibilities

  • That the vehicle is suitable and complies with the rule

  • The route has been assessed (when required, ie for Category 4A and 4B loads)

  • Mitigation measures are in place as required

  • Applying for permits for Category 3 and 4 loads

  • Ensuring an on-road supervisior is identified

  • Ensuring there are adequate number of pilot vehicles for the loads (either as required by the rule or specified in the permit).

On-road supervisor responsibilities

The supervisor could be a driver or pilot or an additional person.

  • Briefing the pilots and load driver

  • Ensuring operation compliance of the load/vehicle with the rule

  • Notifying the Transport Agency (30 minutes before the load is due to leave) and other parties as necessary involved with the load. 

Pilot responsibilities

  • Provide warnings to approaching vehicles or pedestrians.

Permit provisions

Critical breaches of a permit

The rule introduces critical conditions for overdimension permits, similar in approach to that applying currently for overweight permits.

Breaches of critical conditions bring a $2000 penalty fee, in contrast to a standard breach of permit which is has a $370 penalty fee.

The critical breaches are:

  • The vehicle or its load must not exceed the lesser of the category limits stated in the permit, or if the width is stated in the permit, exceed that width by more than 0.5m

  • The operator must ensure pilots are provided as specified on the permits or if not specified on the permit as required by the rule.

Additional conditions that may be included on a permit

The Transport Agency may attach conditions to a permit.

Permits issued to overdimension vehicles/loads may specify the following additional conditions:

  • Restrictions on the vehicle’s speed
  • The route to be followed
  • Pilots and pilot vehicles additional to those required by the rule
  • Any additional conditions, under which the vehicle may be operated that the Transport Agency considers necessary.


Download Factsheet 53b: Roles, responsibilities and permit requirements for overdimension loads [PDF, 94 KB]

Download Factsheet 53a: Overdimension vehicles and loads [PDF, 1 MB]