Application for waiver from requirements of holding certificate of knowledge of law and practice

If you’ll be operating a large passenger service, a vehicle recovery service or a goods service, at least one person in control of the service must have passed the Certificate of knowledge of law and practice test.

Waka Kotahi may waive the requirement to hold a Certificate of knowledge of law and practice if we think your service is limited or infrequent.

Things we may consider when assessing if your service is limited or infrequent include:

  • whether you operate more than one vehicle,
  • how frequently the vehicle is being used,
  • how many kilometres the vehicle is expected to travel per month,
  • the furthest locations the vehicle will travel between,
  • whether you’re carrying your own goods (tools of trade), or goods for hire or reward,
  • if the vehicle is an essential part of your business.

You should complete an Application for waiver (TL03) form and submit it at the same time as your Application for transport service licence (TL01) form.

Download a TL03 form to submit with your TSL application

However, if you already have your transport service licence, or we've asked you to complete a waiver application online, please complete the details below to apply for a waiver. 

Make sure you include as much information about your service as possible. 

Your application will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. If it’s declined, you’ll need to sit the CKLP exam.

Applicant details

*If you don't have a TSL yet, you should apply at a Waka Kotahi agent and provide a TL01 form with your application instead. 

Service details

Select more than one if applicable.

Vehicle details

The information requested is required for Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (and its agents) to process your application for a transport service licence and to maintain the register of transport service licences. Collection of this information is required by section 2 of the Land Transport Rule: Operator Licensing 2017.

Waka Kotahi (and its agents) will hold, store, use, and disclose any personal information collected as part of this application in accordance with the Land Transport Act 1998 and the Privacy Act 2020 (part 7, in particular, which authorises the disclosure of this information in certain circumstances). Waka Kotahi (and its agents) may also use this information to communicate with you for the purposes of processing your application, sending you reminders, notifications and information, or obtaining feedback on our services.

You are entitled to access, and request the correction of, any readily retrievable personal information held about you by Waka Kotahi. You can do so by writing to us at Private Bag 11777, Palmerston North 4442 or by emailing us at