Previously known as the Weigh Right Programme, the CVSP will have 12 commercial vehicle safety centres (CVSCs) throughout New Zealand fitted with technology using intelligent software. Roadside equipment will screen and then direct potentially unsafe or non-compliant heavy vehicles into a CVSC.

Weight compliance screening and some non-weight based compliance screening is already in use and over the next few years the CVSP will expand the range of non-compliance and safety issues screened for. The information collected from real-time vehicle screening and risk assessments support Waka Kotahi and NZ Police in a range of interventions, both in real time and following investigation.  

Recently implemented real-time risk and compliance screening for heavy commercial vehicles means traffic authorities can quickly address unsafe driving practices, reducing the risk of serious or fatal crashes, making our roads safer.


About the name change

The screening includes the other non-compliance and safety issues as well as weight, so the name Weigh Right no longer fits with the work being done.  

Why have a CVSP? 

From 2012 to 2021, heavy goods vehicles were involved 20.5 percent of all fatality crashes.

The CVSP is an important part of addressing this and delivering a safer transport system for our roads.

The programme benefits the commercial vehicle industry and allows Waka Kotahi and NZ Police to improve the way they operate.

The CVSP promotes:

  • a level playing field for industry
  • industry compliance without impacting productivity
  • improved safety and road maintenance as the negative impacts of overloading reduces
  • intelligence led regulation and improved enforcement 
  • insight into light vehicle road usage.