Know your number plate

The roadside electronic sign may signal you to pull in to the commercial vehicle safety centre (CVSC) by displaying your number plate. By law you must pull in to the CVSC if your vehicle is flagged during screening.

Before starting your journey, make a note of the first three numbers or letters of your vehicle’s number plate. Ask your operator to place a copy of the number plate in the cab, in a legal place where you can safely refer to it.

What are heavy vehicles?

A heavy vehicle is any vehicle, including a bus, coach or mobile home, registered with a class of MD3, MD4, ME, NB, NC, TC or TD. These are generally vehicles that weigh over 3500kg.

Weight, permits and loading

The weigh-in-motion scales in the road comply with international standards and are accurate for screening purposes.

Heavy vehicles with more than one permit are screened on the permit with the highest gross weight.

The system measures the weight on each axle. If your vehicle is within its gross weight limit but is overweight on an axle, axle set or axle group, the system will signal the vehicle to pull into a CVSC.

It’s important to make sure your vehicle is loaded according to Vehicle Dimension and Mass (VDaM) Rule guidelines and, if applicable, your permit.

Vehicle Dimension and Mass Rule (2016)

What happens if you try to avoid the screening?

The system will signal you to pull into the CVSC if it detects non-compliant vehicles or unusual behaviour while the vehicle is passing over the weigh-in-motion scales. It you try to avoid the in-road technology that will be noted and recorded for further analysis.