The roadside equipment will collect information all the time, in compliance with the Privacy Act 2020.

Light vehicles

All light vehicle data will be anonymised, used only to provide insight into regional light vehicle road use and improve our understanding of traffic on our network. For example, whether a vehicle is diesel, petrol or electric, or the volume of traffic with a valid WoF and registration. Light vehicles will never be directed to stop at a commercial vehicle safety centre (CVSC).

Heavy vehicles

The heavy vehicle data will improve the targeting of vehicles that are potentially non-compliant. We’ll share the information collected, both internally and with our partner, NZ Police. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Team (CVST) will be able to use the information in real time at the CVSC and later to support ongoing investigations. 

The data will not be openly available to agencies, but there could be times when other agencies are supplied with anonymised information for specific purposes. 

What we might use the data for

  • Pulling in potentially non-compliant heavy vehicles and conducting further checks.
  • Targeting specific non-compliance, such as RUC evasion, using on-road data collected 24/7.
  • Identifying areas of interest and focusing our activities.
  • Helping industry organisations to educate their members and promote heavy vehicle compliance.

Commercial vehicle safety centre privacy policy