Complaint about a specific matter

We’re always looking for ways to improve the quality of transport services for to New Zealanders. Your feedback to helps us make sure these services meet high standards.

If they've not met your expectations or you think there's room for improvement, you can give feedback or lodge a complaint on a range of services:

Complaint about a driver licence testing officer

VTNZ conduct practical driver tests on behalf of Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. If you would like to dispute a test result or complain about a testing officer employed by VTNZ, you can complain directly to VTNZ by completing the form on their website.

VTNZ website(external link)

Small passenger services – taxis or rideshare services

Small passenger services include taxis, rideshare, shuttles, and private hire services. You can make a complaint directly to us if you’re unhappy with the driver or operator of this service.

Record, as soon as possible, the details supporting your complaint. Try to include the:

  • time
  • date
  • location
  • the vehicle’s registration number
  • cab number if it has one
  • driver’s ID card name.

Even if you can’t get this information, other details such as how you hired the vehicle – was it from a rank? If so, where? Any conversation with the driver would also help.

Serious improper behaviour

Contact the New Zealand Police – call 111 immediately if you experience:

  • violence
  • assault
  • sexual misconduct
  • or your driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Also let us know about this type of complaint if you’re able on 0800 822 422 or through our complaint form.

Commercial operator complaint form

General complaints

You should contact the small passenger service operator first if the reason for your complaint is because:

  • the driver refused a hire
  • the driver didn’t issue a receipt
  • the fare wasn’t charged as agreed
  • the route taken wasn’t advantageous to you
  • of the behaviour of the driver.

Small passenger service operators must keep a record of complaints. If you’re not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, contact us using the online complaints form.

Commercial operator complaint form

Complaint about breaking special transport laws

If you think a small passenger service has broken special transport licensing laws, you should contact Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. The types of complaints could be because:

  • the driver didn’t have a passenger ‘P’ endorsement
  • the driver didn’t have a driver identification card
  • the vehicle didn’t have a certificate of fitness.

You can let us know using the online complaints form. We can only take appropriate action if you can provide us with enough details to identify the driver or operator involved. Noting the name displayed on the driver’s identification card and the vehicle’s licence plate will help.

Commercial operator complaint form

Complaint about high fares

If you think the fare the driver charged was too high, even if it was a fare on the basis agreed, you can make a claim to the Disputes Tribunal. Visit the Consumer Protection website for more information on the claims process and your options for settling financial disputes.

Consumer Protection website(external link)

Complaint about a bus company

If your complaint involves criminal activity please contact the Police.

For all other complaints

Step one: Contact the bus company directly to raise your complaint.

Step two: If you're not satisfied with the results of any internal investigation, outline your complaint by filling in the online commercial operator complaints form.

Commercial operator complaint form

Complaint about a vehicle certification

(Warrant of fitness, certificate of fitness, low volume plate, repair certificate, used entry certificate or heavy vehicle certificate)

Step one: Complain directly to the inspection organisation or vehicle inspector that did the inspection.

Step two: If you’re not satisfied with the result of the garage's internal investigation, download and complete the online vehicle certification complaint form.

Vehicle certification complaint form

Step three: Email the completed form to: or send the completed form to:

Vehicle Certification Complaints Advisor
Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency
Private Bag 6995
Wellington 6141

Fax: 04 894 6132

We will assess your complaint and respond to you in writing.

Complaint about the timetable of a public transport service

Contact your regional council or district council to raise your complaint about schedules directly.

Council maps and websites(external link)

Complaint about a child restraint

Child restraints used in New Zealand are required to comply with one of several approved standards, and should be free of any design or manufacturing faults that affect their safety. 

For information on what to do if a product is faulty or unsafe visit the MBIE website

​​Faulty and unsafe products(external link)

Child restraint standards

If your concern relates to difficulties with installing your restraint safely in your vehicle, we recommend that you contact your local child restraint technician.

Find a child restrain technician in your area

You should also be aware that you have rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 when it comes to purchasing child restraints.

Consumer Guarantees Act 1993(external link)

If you have a complaint about a Child Restraint Technician, please use the following form:

Complaint form

How to find your child restraint's approval number

You will need to give us your child restraint's approval number when you make your complaint. Please use the table below to help you find the correct approval number.

If your child restraint has this type of marking on it: then enter:
Both the E marking and the unique approval number. For the example above, it would be entered as 'E4 04123456'.
'AS/NZS 1754'
No marking

'No marking'.

Please cease using this restraint immediately.

Complaint about a personalised plate

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency has a legal power to deal with personalised plates are likely to cause offence or confusion.

Use the online complaint form if you have a complaint regarding a personalised plate you have seen. Whenever we receive a complaint, we undertake a review of that plate number against the legal tests and our guidelines. 

Personalised plate complaint form