Application for an exemption to drive unsupervised on a restricted licence between 10pm and 5am

IMPORTANT: Make sure you've read and understood all the information on the relevant exemption page before you make this application. 

Information about exemptions for learner and restricted driver licences

Your details

Do you have any traffic infringements?
This includes infringements and speed camera infringements, pending offences and breaches of the graduated driver licensing system.

Payment details

Call us on 0800 822 422 to pay over the phone using your Visa or Mastercard.

Check our opening hours

Exemption details

Is your application to travel to and from work?

You must provide a letter from your employer confirming your start and finish times. Upload it in the Documents to support your application section.

Travel details


- Monday to Wednesday driving to work, McDonald's Princess Street, 117 Princess Street, Palmerston North between 9:30pm and 9:45pm, returning home between 11pm and 11:15pm.
- Saturday driving to work, McDonald's Princess Street, 117 Princess Street, Palmerston North between 4:45am and 5am, returning home between 3:15pm and 4pm.

Are you under 18 years old?
Do you live with your parents or guardians?

You must provide a letter of authority from your parent or guardian. Upload it in the Documents to support your application section.

Safety considerations

You need to show us that you've considered things like:

  • What risks might there be to myself, my passenger and/or any other road users?
  • How will I minimise these risks?
  • What behaviours will I adopt to make sure that I'm driving safely?

Make sure you've covered off these questions if you can: 

  • How would granting this exemption maintain or improve land transport safety?
  • How would it contribute to an effective, efficient and safe land transport system in the public interest?
  • Does it support the response to an emergency or other event?

Documents to support your application

Upload any documents we've asked for, and anything else you'd like to provide.

You must upload at least one document to support this application.


Important: before you submit this application make sure you have:

  • read and understood all the relevant information in our exemption section
  • completed all the relevant fields above
  • uploaded all the evidence we've asked for
  • included your reference number for your payment. 

If you haven't given us everything we need to assess your application, it will be delayed while we contact you for more information. 

The particulars you provide will become part of the Driver Licence Register. Collection, dissemination and release of this information is authorised by the Land Transport Act 1998.

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency may also use some of these particulars to provide you with information relating to driver licensing and driving. We may also disclose some of the particulars to our agents and contractors in relation to the above purposes.

We’ll use your email address to email you information and reminders about your application and driver licensing, and other Waka Kotahi services, including asking for feedback on our services and the transport system. We recommend using an email address that’s unique to you, so only you can see information we send you.

Details supplied with your application may be used to make such enquiries as are deemed necessary to consider your exemption request.

Under the Electoral Act 1993, s 263B, the Electoral Enrolment Centre operates an authorised information matching programme with Waka Kotahi. The purpose of this programme is to assist in keeping the Electoral Roll up-to-date.

To keep the Driver Licence Register up-to-date Waka Kotahi also operates an authorised information matching programme with Births, Deaths and Marriages. Please refer to our Privacy section for more information.

The Privacy Act 2020 provides rights of access to, and correction of, any readily retrievable personal information held about you.

Should you wish to exercise these rights please contact Waka Kotahi, Private Bag 11777, Palmerston North 4442 or email