Drivers aged 25 years or older who successfully complete accelerated learner licence courses can progress through heavy licence classes without waiting the required three months of driving experience.

Step through your licence classes

Accelerated heavy vehicle courses assess your competence by testing your driving experience, knowledge and skills.

You have to show:

  • that you have the experience to drive a vehicle for the class of full licence that you hold

  • a knowledge of safe driving of heavy vehicles by passing a multi choice test.

While your progress will be faster you still must go through each class – that is, from a class 2 to a class 3 or 4, and from a class 4 to a class 5.

To find out what is involved in a course you can contact a course provider in your area.

Find an approved course provider in your area

Information for course providers

course guide for the requirements that drivers must meet to accelerate through the licence classes.

Course guide