The approved courses for licence endorsements are aligned with unit standards on the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) framework. If you successfully complete a course, you have the opportunity to have the unit standards you've achieved count towards a national certificate as well as a driver licence.

Successfully completing the course is only one requirement in obtaining the endorsement on your driver licence. Please refer to the relevant information (shown in the table below) for details about the full requirements for each endorsement type.

Endorsement type Course unit standards
Vehicle recovery (V) 17580 and 24089*
Dangerous goods (D) 16718
Forklift (F) 18496
Rollers (R) 16702
Tracks (T) 16703
Wheels (W) 16701
Driving instructor ('I') 16646, 16647, 14511, 14521, 14523, 20179, 20180, 3466

* Required unless successfully completed within the previous 12 months with an approved driver licensing course provider.

Note: Passenger (P) endorsement applicants no longer have to take a P endorsement course. 

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