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Driver licence renewal

Standard licence renewal for drivers 75 and under Renewal fee
Full classes 1–6 and learner classes 2–5 $43.90
Learner and restricted classes 1 and 6 $20.10*

*You may also have to pay the theory test fee of $45.70. There are changes coming to learner and restricted licence rules that may affect the amount you need to pay. 

Changes to learner and restricted licences from 1 December 2021

Older driver licence renewal

Older driver renewal for drivers over 75 years Application fee On-road Safety Test fee1 Total
Full, restricted or learner licence $18.70 $18.70
$18.70 $41.802* $60.50
The On-road Safety Test is only required if your doctor recommends it on your medical certificate. If you don't have to sit the test, you don't have to pay the fee.
If you miss your test time, or your test is failed or terminated, you may rebook your test once at no additional cost. After that, you'll have to pay the test fee again for any more tests (but you don't have to pay the application fee again). 
*If you want to change or cancel your test, you will have to pay a further fee 

Renewing between 64 and 74

If you are renewing your licence and are aged 64 to 74, your driver licence will be renewed until your 75th birthday. 

Age Renewal fee
64 or 65 $43.90
66 or 67 $30.60
68 or 69 $25.70
70 or 71 $20.10
72 or 73 $14.70
74 $12.20

P V I O endorsement renewal application

Type Duration Application fee1 Vetting fee1 2 ID card1 Total
Small P 1 year $64.40 $9.70 $8.60 $82.70
5 years $246.30 $48.50 $8.60 $303.40
Large P 1 year $64.40 $9.70 $74.10
5 years $246.30 $9.70 $256
V 1 year $64.40 $9.70 $8.60 $82.70
5 years $246.30 $48.50 $8.60 $303.40
I 1 year $64.40 $9.70 $74.10
5 years $246.30 $48.50 $294.80
O 1 year $64.40 $9.70 $74.10
5 years $246.30 $48.50 $294.80
If you're renewing more than one endorsement at the same time, you'll pay only one application fee, one vetting fee and one ID card fee. 
The vetting fee is $9.70 per year, unless you are applying for a large P endorsement to only drive large passenger service vehicles. Then you only pay the vetting fee every fifth year.

Renewing your D endorsement

D endorsement renewal $44