Once you turn 75 there are a few changes to the process for renewing your driver licence:

  • Your new licence will be valid for only 2 to 5 years.
  • The renewal fees are lower – because you’re renewing your licence more often.
  • You need to present a medical certificate each time you apply.
  • If recommended by your doctor, you will have to sit a 30-minute On-road Safety Test.

When do you have to renew

Drivers must renew their driver licence at age 75, 80 and every 2 years after that.

How to renew your licence

You must renew your driver licence on or before its expiry date if you wish to continue driving – but you cannot renew it more than 6 months in advance.

We’ll send you a driver licence renewal pack about eight weeks before your licence is due to expire. Haven’t received your pack? You can download the driver licence application form (DL1), or get this form from any driver licensing agent. To apply to renew your licence you need to visit a driver licensing agent in person.

Download the application form to renew your driver licence [PDF, 204 KB]

Find a driver licensing agent in your area

What you need to take

Once your application is complete, you’ll receive a temporary licence which is valid for 21 days. Keep this on you whenever you’re driving until your new driver licence arrives in the mail – within 2 to 3 weeks.

Getting a medical certificate

To renew your licence past your 75th birthday you will need to visit your doctor to get a Medical certificate for driver licence.

Tell your doctor the certificate is for your driver licence. You will have to pay for the appointment yourself.

During your appointment your doctor will discuss your present state of health with you and test your eyesight. They will then recommend whether you are:

  • medically fit to drive
  • medically fit to drive with conditions (eg correcting lenses, time-of-day restriction, distance restriction)
  • medically fit to drive subject to an on-road safety test
  • to be referred to a specialist (eg optometrist or occupational therapist driving assessor – your doctor will advise you of the results)
  • not medically fit to drive. Your doctor must advise Waka Kotahi and your licence will expire on your birthday.

If your doctor decides you are medically fit to drive, he or she will provide you with a Medical certificate for driver licence.

Licence renewal process for seniors. Your health care professional decides if you are fit to drive and can renew your licence, or if you are not fit to drive.

On-road safety test

The on-road safety test checks that you still have a good knowledge of the road rules and continue to practise safe driving skills. It takes about 30 minutes.

The testing officer will direct you when to turn, stop and carry out other driving manoeuvres. There are no fixed routes – you must be capable of driving on all types of road and in all traffic situations.

You must drive safely and legally throughout the assessment. The testing officer will score you using a simple 'yes' and 'no' method. You need to get a total score of 80 percent or more to pass the safety test.

Have to sit the on-road safety test?

There are a few things you can do to prepare for your test.

Ready to book your on-road safety test?

You will need to visit your nearest driver licensing agent to start your application and book your test.

Find your nearest driver licensing agent

Renewal fees

The licence renewal application fee is $21.50.

If you have to sit an on-road safety test, this is included in your renewal fee. There is no fee to change, cancel or rebook the test if you need to.

Refreshing your knowledge

Education resources are available to help senior road users stay safe behind the wheel for as many years as possible.

Information and interactive activities for people aged 70 years and over are available free on our website

Read the education resources for senior drivers

There you will find:

  • basic facts about senior road users including examples of common older driver crash situations
  • a ‘Seniors driving safely’ section where you can check how you’re doing with a self-assessment rating form to help you assess your driving skills. This section also contains safety videos and information on choosing safe vehicles for senior drivers
  • information on using public transport and alternative transport schemes. You can download or read online a copy of Keeping moving - the positive guide for senior road users
  • information about cycling, walking and using a mobility scooter

Staying safe

Staying safe: a refresher course for senior road users is a classroom-based course that aims to maintain and improve safe driving practices.

During the course you will re-familiarise yourself with traffic rules as well as increase knowledge about other transport options available to keep you mobile for as long as possible.

See if any courses are available in your area

Download Factsheet 57: Senior drivers licence renewal [PDF, 243 KB]