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A solution to stop the abuse of mobility parks has taken out the second Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency Hackathon – ‘All Access’.

The theme was ‘reimagining how technology can create a more inclusive transport system’. Participants were asked to tackle barriers to access including age, licensing, affordability, geographic isolation and resilience, and disability.

First place winner – ParkRite

Team ParkRite - overall winners

The overall winners were ParkRite who came up with a solution to stop the abuse of mobility parks by those who are not entitled to use them and to provide visibility of the availability of mobility parks across New Zealand.

They created a blend of hardware and software using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags which are embedded in mobility parking permits with sensors to detect the presence of a vehicle in the park and to provide a visual cue as to whether that driver is legally parked.

If the vehicle is not entitled to be in the park a red-light flashes, encouraging social accountability rather than enforcement.

ParkRite pitch

ParkRite pitch

Second place winner – Raihana

Team Raihana - second place winners

Second place was Raihana with a concept to bring learners tests online to be more accessible to young people remote communities, reducing the barrier to licensing.

Raihana focused on updating the graduated licensing programme to meet the needs of digital natives, making it easier for young people to gain their license regardless of where they live.

Third place winner – Jaid

Team Jaid - third place winners

Team Jaid secured third place with a voice-activated assistant service to help visually impaired New Zealanders get around on public transport.

Built using Google DialogFlow, Jaid could provide support to the 4 percent of our population with vision impairment.

Special awards

Data Head

Awarded to a team that focused on the innovative use or creation of data and insights.

Winner: #MoveMeToo

Pitch Perfect

Awarded to the team with the most compelling pitch presentation on Sunday afternoon.

Winner: We’re A Natural Disaster

Grand Designs

Awarded to a team that embedded sound design practice and/or execution through the weekend.

Winner: Baby Sharks

Geekiest Code

Awarded to a team that undertook and executed an ambitious piece of coding of tech practice.

Winner: Raihana

Customer Champion

Awarded to a team that placed the customer at the heart of their problem statement and solution.

Winner: Manaaki