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Traffic Management Attenuators with Outriggers

5 Mar 2019

A cost effective way to increase the footprint and effectiveness of traffic management attenuators, with the installation of retractable 'outriggers'.

AA Defensive Driving for Fleet and Businesses

5 Mar 2019

Increasing driver competency for network maintenance operators and incident response crews.

LED Safety Exclusion Zone

5 Mar 2019

A surfacing or pavement renewal activity at night is a dynamic environment, with health and safety hazards due to moving plants and machinery. An safety...

Fatigue Management Programme

5 Mar 2019

A fatigue management system has been developed to manage the health and safety risk associated with worker fatigue, in particular with shift work.

SoloProtect ID for Lone Worker Safety

5 Mar 2019

A smart ID badge that provides monitoring and security for staff working alone in the network.

Cone Laying Machine

5 Mar 2019

A simple modular system attaching to nearly any vehicle which reduces the physical burden on the road worker and greatly improves the safety aspect.

Closure Breach System

5 Mar 2019

The Closure Breach System has been developed to ensure the perimeter of closures are suitably protected in order to provide a safe environment for road...

Mobile Barrier - Tiaki

5 Mar 2019

A mobile barrier that provides lateral intrusion into a mobile working space, and significantly improves worker protection with little disruption to customer's journeys.

Bespoke Box Girder Access Stages

5 Mar 2019

To achieve regular access to the underside of the orthotropic steel deck to the box girder extension bridges for inspection and maintenance work and eliminating...