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The building where our contact centre is based was evacuated on 13 June. Our contact centre and emails are up and running again, but please be patient as we have limited support available. If you’re waiting for an application, please have a look at our current processing times.

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Fatigue Management Programme

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A fatigue management system has been developed to manage the health and safety risk associated with worker fatigue, in particular with shift work.

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Shift work or night shifts, and weight management issues can both be a source of fatigue and thus a potential health and safety risk for employees.


The AMA Fatigue Management Program was developed and implemented, and is made up of a number of supporting components which collectively come under the umbrella of Fatigue Management. These includes fatigue profiling assessment during health checks, post incident fatigue questions, in vehicle seeing eye machines with operator surveillance, fatigue intervention plans, shift and work hours management, and managed rest period (MRP) program.

Estimated results and savings

These have increased awareness of fatigue issues with AMA staff, and have provided a proper framework and process to tackle and manage it, and subsequently reduce the health and safety risks.

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