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Traffic Management Attenuators with Outriggers



A cost effective way to increase the footprint and effectiveness of traffic management attenuators, with the installation of retractable 'outriggers'.


This issue escalated following a couple of incidents whereby two attenuators, supplemented with cones were being used to protect a crash site by blocking multiple lines. When the time came to uplift the closure, it required the crews to be on the ground to uplift the cones. This was taken as a signal by motorists to push their way past the attenuators with no regard for worker safety.


Developed “Outriggers” for the TMAs to increase their effective size from 1 to 3 vehicles in width. This can now be used for improving the effectiveness of traffic closures, in particular to discourage willful breach of the closure by driving around the TMAs.

Estimated results and savings

Less resources required to maintain/control a closure. Removes the worker from the line of fire as they do not need to be on the ground.

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