Axle weights calculator

Use the axle weights calculator to calculate the axle weights of your vehicle under various loading conditions.

This procedure can be equally applied to trailers.

For semi-trailers, it is easiest to treat the hitchpoint as the trailer's front axle group.

For tractors, the hitch load is the payload and is centred in the fifth wheel.

Use this form…

Position of rear axis and wheel base.

Position of pay load CG from rear axis.

Note: All fields marked with (*) are mandatory.

Step 1: Write down the estimated payload in tonne


Step 2: Write down the tare weight in tonne


Step 3: Measure the distance between the centre of the front and rear axle groups


Step 4: Calculate the distance from the rear axis to the centre of the load


Step 5: Obtain the unladen weights by axle group from the vehicle manufacturer

(Unladen weight)