Aparima Bridge repair work may slow boat traffic


The NZ Transport Agency says boat users wanting travel under the Aparima Bridge on State highway 99 at Riverton will need to exercise caution, as $600,000 worth of repair and earthquake strengthening work shifts to the underside of the bridge.

Work started last month and is due to be completed by the end of June 2013.

NZTA Southland Area Manager Peter Robinson says the job has reached the stage where scaffolding is now in place beneath the bridge obstructing a number of its spans. The scaffolding allows the contractor to repair corroded steel, fix damaged areas of concrete and to carry out earthquake strengthening work

“While a safe passage that includes flashing yellow hazard markers will be provided for boat traffic, care is still needed when navigating through this area. In discussions with the Riverton harbourmaster we have ensured the signposting of the scaffold does not encroach into the waterway below the bridge.”.

Mr Robinson says this job needs to be done to ensure this bridge continues as a key regional road into the future.

Scaffolding between the bridge spans is expected to be removed in June provided bad weather doesn’t interrupt work he said.

For the safety of motorists and the contractor there will be bridge closures of up to 15 minutes from 2nd April through until early May while this critical work is carried out.